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Professional aluminium fabrication in London

Metal Fabrication London

Our professional metal fabrication business is dedicated to customized jobs. Our commercial metal fabrication business located in London Brixton undertakes jobs in fabricating railings, architectural metal, ornamental metal, furniture, fixtures, gates and all sheet metal fabrication.

Not only is Metalworks London equipped with the latest sheet metal fabrication tools, latest welding machines, and plasma cutting table we have the professional metalworking staff to use it.

Metalworks London has a reputation of delivering quality products and services in a timely manner and within your predetermined budget. We do so not just with skilled metal fabricators, but also communicated effectively and identifying potential challenges before they become a problem that costs time and money.

If you are in need of custom metal fabrication, then Metalworks London can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our offices by phone if you feel more comfortable. We are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, and Saturday 8am to 1pm.

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Sheet metal fabrication London

Sheet metal fabrication and metal fabrication is an industrial process of making metallic structures through bending, cutting, and assembling of metal sheet or structural steel. Flux, fasteners, and welding wires are the structural components used extensively by us in fabrication.

Sheet metal fabrication and metal fabrication processes at Metal Works London include stick wielding, dial shield, MIG (metal inert gas), and TIG (tungsten inert gas). CNC (computer numerical controlled) plasma cutting, water jet processing, and mild steel melting.

Professional Metal Fabricator London

Custom Metal Fabrication

We at Metal Works London utilize the following processes for being a completely integrated custom metal fabrication. We cater to every kind of fabrication job and are confident about our processes and expertise. Metal fabrication jobs completed by us are among the best in London and affordable too. We are thorough in using each of these fabrication methods to ensure metallic products that look superior and last longer.

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Welding stainless steel

The items made by us through fabrications are innumerable and includes every imaginable product. Railings, grills, poles, metallic furniture, pipes, tubes, and fixtures are among the several fabricated items manufactured by us. Fabrication of metal sheet is our specialised service which is the key to our innumerable creations. We are adept of fabricating any item to be used for ornamental or constructional purposes. At Metal Works London we fabricate furniture like racks, vaults, and chairs and welding stainless steel. Different gauges of metal sheets are used for making furniture. In London we are among the leading fabricators of office and domestic furniture.

London Steel fabricators

Sheet metal fabrication at Metal Works London is done by a numerous mechanical processes such as bending, cutting, plasma cutting, bumping, drilling, grinding, forming, lathe, shearing, rolling, cladding, notching, welding, powder coating, and polishing. Each of these metal fabricating processes is done by dedicated machines. We at Metal Wires have a complete set up of all these metal fabricating machineries to offer one-window solution in London.

Custom Metal Fabrication

We undertake these custom steel metal fabrication jobs comprehensively or in independent sets as per your needs. Current metal fabrication generation machineries operated by qualified and experienced mechanics enable us to undertake even the toughest metal fabricating jobs in London. Our commitment to service and sincere approach has helped us to emerge as a leading metal fabricator in this city.


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