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Metalworks London are a metal staircase fabricator noted for our internal steel staircase and metal escape stairs. Our professional metal stair fabricators work with architects, interior designers, contractors and homeowners. We create made-to-measure metal staircase bespoke to your requirements and the stairs manufacturers in London by our professional metalworking team.

If you are in need of metal staircase fabrication then Metalworks London can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our offices by phone if you feel more comfortable. We are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, and Saturday 8am to 1pm.

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Bespoke Metal Staircase

Our metal staircases are fabricated by skilled craftsmen and we will put this experience and knowledge at your disposal to become your prefered steel stair fabricator. seussian-stairwell

Custom Metal Fabrication London

At Metalworks London we have a diverse range of fabrication capabilities that allow us to carefully layout, measure, machine, weld, finish and/or assemble to your exact fabrication requirements. Our experienced metal work craftspeople have the skillset and keen eye for precision metal fabrication.

Metal escape stairs by Professional steel staircase fabricators

Classic Metal Spiral Stairs

In London a metal spiral stairs can often be seen as grand designs that are fit for a very specific setting. However, metal spiral stairs are one of the most versatile stairs designs that you can incorporate into your business or home design. Spiral stairs are flexible designs paired with the major benefits of a small footprint and maximum safety standards make spiral stairs a great choice for any home’s or businesses interior.

Metal Staircases have attracted the people both for their business as well as residential needs. They are stylish, light and easy to handle and therefore most people go for Metal Stairs.

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External Metal Staircase in London

Metalworks London makes metal stairs for private, public and commercial purposes. In the contemporary world, with the growing scarcity of space, it is imperative for the residences and buildings to have a staircase. And best of all, the innovative techniques have uplifted the staircase from just being a means to reach the vertical access to being a perfect style statement. Now people wish to have a staircase in order to magnify the appeal of their home. Metal Stairs are made of materials like brick, marble, wood and metal. But the variety of designs one can get in metal stairs is not possible with any other material. In addition, metal stairs can be fitted easily, anywhere and to top it all, you can go for a replacement anytime.

Staircase Specialist in London

Metal stairs are made in numerous designs to suit the different needs of the people. We make the all purpose Metal ladders to enable vertical access without any difficulty. They are so light that can be taken anywhere with utmost ease. The fixed Stain Metal ladder has walk-thru handrails and designed for secure landing. The Modular style of this Ladder is flexible and can be made long or small according to the necessity.

Ladder Safety Gate is another type of metal stairs plainly used for commercial purposes like factories and warehouses. It is easy to install, reliable and very economical. We also make custom designs of ladder gates. The Fixed Ladder with Safety Cages is yet another type of metal stairs which comes with safety protection. It is made for climbing 10” to 30” and side landing purpose. Another style of Fixed Ladder with Safety Cages comes with walk-thru handrails. The walk-thru handrails extend up to 42” above the landing base. The Stainless Metal Structural Staircase is very durable and best for industrial purposes. It is used in big offices and buildings. Stainless Metal Structural Staircase is used as emergency exit stairs and exterior stairs as well.


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