Shot blasting before after example
Shot blasting before after example

Shot Blasting London

Metal Works London offer shot blasting services in London, shot blasting is the pre-treatment of metallic surfaces such as motor car body blasting, bicycle frame blasting, motorcycle frame blasting and metal furniture blasting.

Pre-treatment of metallic surfaces is done meticulously as it is the first step to powder coating.
It is essential to have your motorbike body, cycle or what ever metals needing shot blasting blasted before appling a powder coat.

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Expert Shot Blasting

Without perfect pre-treatment or shot blasting, powder coating never stays for sufficient time and the entire expenses is wasted. As we are specialized powder coaters in London we are very particular about this pre-treatment process.

Proper shot blasting would ensure removal of rust, previous paint coatings, and mill scale and make the metal surface completely bare. A powder coating on any surface other than bare is never durable. By technical standards, metallic surface ratings have been fixed at SA 3, and SA 2.5 to be judged fit for powder coating. We stringently follow this standard at Metal Works London.

Sandblasting radiators London

Powder Coating London

As the London Powder coater we offer expert powder coating services in London. Powder coating is seen essentially as a coating type, applied in the form of free flowing powder particularly on metal surfaces. Our professional powder coating is a substitute for paints without the usual solvent and filler parts. Powder coating is an electrostatic process where heat is applied for the free flow of powder through powder spray guns. This thermoplastic powder then forms a thin skin and gets applied on a surface.

At Metal Works London we do motorbike powder coating, bicycle powder coating, and alloy wheels powder coating, Powder coating of metallic frames is also an important area of operation at Metal Works.

London Powder Coating

Powder coating done at Metal Works London offers a durable coating to metallic surfaces and hence used in motorbike powder coating, bicycle powder coating, and even in powder coating frames. our expertly powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chemicals, moisture, impact and even ultra violet rays as compared to liquid paint. Corrosion, scratches, and chipping are also prevented to a greater extent. The finish of any surface that is powder coated is of uniform appearance when viewed from any angle. This is not the case with liquid spray painting.


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